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SWD Premier Clothing Exports Ltd - Recycling Textiles & Shoes
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The Textile Recycling Process at SWD

Charities are becoming increasingly aware of the need to ensure that the recycling of items that they cannot sell in their shops are disposed of in an eco-friendly, responsible and legal manner. It is important to know where the clothing is going.

Extended User Responsibility is at the forefront of their minds. It is important that whoever you chose to be your recycling partner has all the necessary licences required to run a recycling service, they adhere to current legislation, health and safety practices are in place and that staff are provided with safe, adequate training and good working conditions.

SWD Premier Clothing Exports Ltd - Recycling Textiles & Shoes


Who are SWD?

SWD are a registered Textile Recycling company and a member of the Textile Recycling Association. We have all the required licences to collect and process your textiles, shoes, bags and recycling products.

At SWD we have almost 20 years’ experience of running a recycling factory. We employ 56 local people and have 4 production lines, 3 baling machines and the necessary machinery to cover all aspect of the recycling process.

What do we do?

The textiles and shoes that we collect are unloaded at our warehouse and placed on a production line for sorting into relevant categories for each country that we supply.

We have a fleet of 10 vehicles with weighing facilities, ranging in capacity in order that we can collect on a regular basis, when required, as we understand that space can sometimes be an issue in shops, leading to health and safety problems for the staff.

Our Market

Our main market is Ghana. The light Summer clothing in good condition will be sorted into 52 grades and then baled in 55kg bales for export. We process one 40ft container per week for this market. The clothing should be wearable, clean or washable. From the goods we collect 45% goes to this market. The shoes are also exported to Ghana.

10% of the items we collect are sold into Europe. These are items not suitable for Africa such as heavy or Winter items, however they are still wearable, clean, fashionable items

The remaining 40% will be recycling items and these are baled in 400kg bales and exported to Pakistan. These items are usually damaged, dirty or very worn.

5% of the items we collect are waste. These will be items that are heavily soiled, very dirty or items that we cannot recycle or reuse such as knitting needles, ice skates and items that should not be in the bags.

We export all of the Bric-a-Brac and soft toys into Europe the books we collect are sold in the UK.

At SWD, we pride ourselves on being a responsible recycler, providing jobs for local people and diverting a large amount of items from landfill. We would welcome any visit to our recycling factory.

For more information on any of our services please call: 0161 799 1444

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